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In For My Aspect (F.M.A.), a first person combat horror game, awaken high atop a lodge on Fluorescent Mountain during an excursion to Alaska for an exciting new aspect.  Play through the eyes of Scipione Matella, a rich, novice novelist searching to regain his sense of surroundings.  Scipione brought a PC, a cat, a flashlight, and some rations to travel light.  Collect pieces of Scipione's digital journal (a "tome") while experiencing beautiful Alaskan vistas and slaying your personal demons.  After all, how can you write a novel if you don't have a perspective of the novel's climate?

My goal was to create a game as a loosely metaphorical representation of my ADHD.  F.M.A. was intended to be about five minutes long, but I expanded on my ideas until I reached its current length of about an hour with 2300 lines of code orchestrating the experience.  F.M.A. took about 2.5 months to complete, and some days I worked from dawn to dusk.  I managed to create many assets I'll continue to use in my next stories like crouching, prone, and enemy graph pathfinding.  I made For My Aspect with the game engine Godot 3.3 (and made in Georgia) and exported with Godot 3.3.3.  I already have plans to continue the story in even bigger sequels starting with an open world RPG combat horror game F.M.A.-2, so please don't try to sue me for my first entry in the series.

60+ minutes of gameplay
2 minutes of original piano/keyboard soundtrack with accompanying Foley sound effects
2100 words of Scipione's personal tome to collect
Platformer and combat elements
Customizable keyboard and gamepad controls
Chapter selection and replay
Difficulty, color theming, and flashlight cheats after beating F.M.A.

Homepage: https://josephcantrell.org/games/fma.php
About me: https://josephcantrell.org/about.php

Here's an extended trailer showing off more of the game.  Spoilers ahoy!


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this F.M.A. game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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So when you start off, are you actually the cat? Is that why you're short and can't jump?

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The whole short story is intentionally vague to be artistically interpretive like poetry.  It's a great start for my interactive story writing endeavors.  Rise from your bed with C and jump to the sky with ease using Space.  CSpace.  

Keep playing; the game gets better as I continued to learn and work.

-Joseph Cantrell, JC


I got a little further, and then was tall and could jump, so that's why I thought I was the cat. But after I got small again, I got trapped in the bedroom by some black smoke thing and it killed me instantly every time the game reloaded. I'll give it another shot when I have more time to try again and play back to that point.

Sure.  I got a little further too.  I started writing the sequel, but I lost my paintbrush XP to level up my Tome skill and am now  mired in a snowstorm with only one piece of the map.