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This is the 3D version of my 2D parodic shooter game, Prophet Launcher.  This time, shoot down the onslaught of once sacred prophets from the first person perspective.  In keeping with tradition, you must defeat and evade enemies within a boxed in world.  Patter down Jesus and god with bullets and launch them into the next dimension.  Use fireball and slow motion abilities to further subvert your enemies.

This project is in its early stages and has been in development since December 2020, and I'm giving it the same love I've given my initial foray, Prophet Launcher.  I export from open source Blender to Godot in my pipeline of modeling, animation, and programming.  I began development in Godot 3.2.3, and while Godot development is very efficient, it takes a bit of time to develop new 3D skills and assets.  This game will take work over years worth of time, and I might never consider it "complete".

Homepage: https://josephcantrell.org/games/prophet-launcher-3d.php


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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This should have been third-person seeing that the 2d version of this game is also third-person

I don't do third person in 3D although I like Dark Souls.  Actually, I'm brushing up my 2D female designs so I can make a 2D RPG platformer game series focused around sexy female leads.

This game is currently on a bit of hiatus while I work on getting a new job so I can continue work on For My Aspect 2, after which my Godot game dev skills will be enhanced enough that my progress on Prophet Launcher 3D will be a lot swifter.


Oh okay  i understand why the game is not third-person unlike its 2d counterpart