A downloadable Speed Timer for Windows and Linux

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This is a simple, free timer and stopwatch program.   Having issues with finding a good online solution among those timer programs baked into search engines and intermingling with mobile alarm apps, I wanted to make the fastest, prettiest, and simplest timer and stopwatch program for my own efforts like lifting weights, boiling loose tea bags, and timing product elevator pitches.   I settled on using Godot 3.3.4, and this is the result after about 24 hours of time.  

Utilize an HTML5 version on my website: https://josephcantrell.org/programs/speed-timer/Speed%20Timer.html

A sound plays on the timer's finish, and a metronome can periodically play during the stopwatch count.  The timer and stopwatch functions cohabitate, so in the midst of a timer, a stopwatch may be started and vice versa.  The RGBA color theme of the program and the audio of the timer countdown or stopwatch metronome can be changed.  This program is built to be lightweight, pretty, and speedy, so it can run at 28 or 1 FPS.  

Due to a new weird bug in the Godot engine, I'm having trouble showing FileDialog objects as I've done in previous engine builds.  Once I figure it out, I'll put the pedal to the medal and introduce custom sound options.  Soon to come is also a mobile Android version.


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Speed Timer.exe 37 MB
Speed Timer.x86_64 39 MB

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