Scales Update - v4.3

Prophet Launcher 4.3 notes:

Added a DNA hourglass map titled Time Cellar

Added a dragon scales themed weapon paint - Scaled

Added an enemy prophet information section

Final boss artwork, boss health bars, and mobile on-screen joysticks are now affected by player map color choice

Simulated air friction on final boss projectile

Added option to show and change opacity of mid-game score statistics

Volume level is now increasable to 200%

Added verbosity

Balancing updates - Upgrading an ability now increases its effectiveness and decreases its time with each upgrade (rather than alternating them).  Osama's kamikaze mode explosion no longer destroys bullets.  Lowered the soul cost of walk speed and jump height upgrades by 20%.  Reworked the weapon paint upgrade to support the new Scaled theme (it's now only two upgrades).

Optimizations and bug fixes


ProphetLauncher.exe 414 MB
Apr 12, 2021
ProphetLauncher.x86_64 415 MB
Apr 12, 2021
ProphetLauncher.apk 619 MB
Apr 12, 2021

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