v4.5 - Visual Quality of Life Update

Prophet Launcher v4.5 notes:

  • Added gameplay statistics: time played, games played, highest score, enemies killed, final bosses killed
  • Custom controls for keyboard and controller input
  • Window transparency option for even better custom backgrounds
  • Updated the visual style of the anime girl skin, Fuchsiakura
  • Boss projectiles now move in a parabolic shape to surprise the player
  • Added differing bullet velocities
  • Updated some colliders to use custom polygon shapes
  • Added fade out animation for fireball and some particles
  • Updated file selection dialogs to match my new theme from Speed Timer
  • Verbosity update
  • Node tree optimization
  • UI updates: symmetry, font size, font super sampling and down sampling, and matching popup close button theme
  • Balancing updates: speed upgrades are more gradual, decreased cannon fodder soul reward from 25 to 20, increased some bosses' HP and speed
  • Bug fixes: custom map text not saving, generated map props' removal not processing during game pause, fire rate not updating in weapons description popup, imported background path not saving, custom prophets move head shot location from typical Zombie Jesus locale
  • Godot Engine update: 3.3.4 -> 3.4.3


ProphetLauncher.exe 246 MB
Mar 03, 2022
ProphetLauncher.x86_64 248 MB
Mar 03, 2022
ProphetLauncher.apk 543 MB
Mar 03, 2022

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