Mirroring Fixes - v5.01

Prophet Launcher v5.01 notes: 

  • Updated the look of female Skirteasey and Fuchsiakura skins with the second layer on their skirts (I forgot to transfer this from Inkscape to Godot in v5.0)
  • Updated Skirteasey's left leg to be horizontally aligned with her right so she does not walk off the ground on maps that aren't Mirrorain
  • Added a pointed star variety to Misthaven
  • Lengthened spawn growing from "infinitesimal" animation
  • Added Shadow to prophets lore
  • Bigger and more visible Shadow and its white eyes
  • Fullscreen is finally saved to user preferences by preceding OS.window_fullscreen with OS.window_maximized and OS.window_borderless flags
  • Diction updates
  • Bug fixes: Fixed higher ground collision of new Mirrorain map with other skins, fixed shooting allowed after death with my new set_process() method, fixed ground and wall positions not moved around correctly after adding Mirrorain, Shadow is now visible on Mirrorain, Shadow transparency is now consistently altered using the Sprite node and never the Area2D


ProphetLauncher.exe 247 MB
May 07, 2022
ProphetLauncher.apk 544 MB
May 07, 2022
ProphetLauncher.x86_64 249 MB
May 07, 2022

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