Fuchsiakura - Feminine Update 4.4

Prophet Launcher 4.4 update notes:

Created Fuchsiakura, the first female anime character skin
Changed my animation pipeline to use Inkscape and Godot instead of Adobe Illustrator and Animate due to Adobe's glitches. I reanimated all my skins to use this new system.
Added the top 25 scores to my website: https://josephcantrell.org/games/prophet-launcher.php#leaderboards
Added fullscreen/windowed toggle
Added a reset button for returning all customizations to default
Zeroed the Velocity of some enemy defeat explosions (finally)
Added a title screen fade animation
Custom prophets and backgrounds are now stored across sessions in the application's data
Improved RGB color picker theme
Balancing updates
Bug fixes like game crashing on new bg color theme upgrade
Engine update to 3.3.4


ProphetLauncher.exe 245 MB
Oct 13, 2021
ProphetLauncher.apk 542 MB
Oct 13, 2021
ProphetLauncher.x86_64 246 MB
Oct 13, 2021

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