v5.0 - Mirrorain

Prophet Launcher v5.0 notes:

  • Added Skirteasey, a new anime girl character skin; may the sweet teas be with you
  • Mirrorain map with mountainous, foggy night rain and a reflecting pool
  • Updated Time Cellar with an atomic nucleus and electron cloud
  • Better blood splatter
  • Better bullet wound sprite
  • Added white fire to the tail of the end screen's ampersands
  • PC only: removed pause button and weapon switch buttons, scaled in game UI elements to be smaller
  • Enabled continual jumping by holding down joypad or keys (I can't believe it took me this long to recognize and implement this)
  • Updated Osama enemy to use my new polygon collision shape system
  • Increased bullet wound spread to the limits on some enemies
  • Showed confirmation popup when using reset customizations button
  • UI popup symmetry update
  • Balancing updates: Increased late game utility of pistol and M4 and decreased last damage upgrade of railgun
  • Updated new UI elements' focusing with keyboard and controller input
  • Bug fixes: total time played sometimes using integer division instead of modulus, custom controls not loading at startup, reset customizations button not affecting UI, wrong gun paint customization on first launch, regression of custom colors not modifying button background color, controller aiming regression, resetting default input controller input has wrong string, regression of volume setting not saving

Tutorial credits: 

Reflective water:

Fog: https://github.com/Gonkee/Gonkees-Shaders/blob/master/fog.shader


ProphetLauncher.exe 247 MB
Mar 27, 2022
ProphetLauncher.apk 544 MB
Mar 27, 2022
ProphetLauncher.x86_64 249 MB
Mar 27, 2022

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